Oracle Grants Accounting User Guide

Oracle Grants Accounting User Guide

grant accounting

Nonprofit leaders can use the for-profit world’s valuable practice of engaging in succinct and clear grant reporting. You really don’t want to be red-flagged by the government because of incomplete, unorganized, or inaccurately recorded grant information. By following the tips mentioned above, NFPs can increase their chances of securing grants and effectively use funds to achieve their mission’s goals. Don’t waste time submitting proposals to grantors whose conditions don’t meet your requirements because if you do and you fail to meet the conditions, you’ll lose the grant. 3) Matching grants are equal to the amount raised through funding raising projects.

  • Users can specify whether to check funds available for a period, year, or life of the award.
  • Government grants can be recorded under the Income approach since the grant revenue does not have to be paid back.
  • Government grants are transfers of resources to an entity by government in return for past or future compliance with certain conditions relating to the operating activities of the entity.
  • Your accounting system must be able to track a grant’s budget and actual activity to ensure compliance and proper grant management.

Grant Accounting is committed to providing high-quality, efficient services to support the University in its mission of excellence in education. Grant Accounting is responsible for the development and dissemination of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the University and funding agencies. The Office for Contract & Grant Accounting ensures good stewardship of sponsored funds and provides support to faculty and staff on post-award financial administration for externally sponsored projects. The benefits of fund accounting for government grants include the ability to manage finances and improve organization fiscal health. Additionally, grant accounting provides transparency into the financial status of an organization. Choosing the best accounting software for grant management can help with future decision-making about projects.

Develop strong financial reporting procedures

Grant income may not meet the definition of a liability, depending on the circumstances. Grant Accounting is responsible for all financial processes related to restricted fund activities. These include establishing chartfield strings and budgets for new grants, setting up budgets, reviewing and approving all encumbrance documents for appropriate funding. We also review and are responsible for adherence to applicable Medical School and funding agency policies, billings, Financial Status Reports (FSR’s), and reconciliation and closing of accounts.

  • Research is important to find grants that will help fund the specific aspects of your nonprofit’s mission that need a financial boost.
  • Included in the closed grant program folder will be a Grant Summary Report and a Grant Detail Report subtotaled by account.
  • OCGA is responsible to the University and to the funding agencies for the financial and regulatory administration of these contracts and grants.
  • Each grant has its own Program File and the folders are filed alphabetically in the active program drawers.

These challenges can include calculating the correct amount, ensuring accuracy, and meeting reporting deadlines. F&A cost is charged based upon the rate and base in the approved award, up to the federally negotiated rate. We offer a broad range of products and premium services, including print and digital editions of the IFRS Foundation’s major works, and subscription options for all IFRS Accounting Standards and related documents. Every purchase contributes to the independence and funding of the IFRS Foundation and to its mission. We undertake various activities to support the consistent application of IFRS Standards, which includes implementation support for recently issued Standards. We do this because the quality of implementation and application of the Standards affects the benefits that investors receive from having a single set of global standards.

Be transparent in all financial matters related to the grant

The federal government does not allow the cost of local meals to be charged to a grant unless it is part of a workshop or other activity that is included in the approved budget. The Grant Data Form provides information to help you administer your grant including the FOAPAL, project dates, report dates, and approvals. If an extension is granted, additional funding provided or other changes occur, the form is updated and the Revised Grant Data Form is sent to the same people. Oracle Subledger Accounting is an intermediate step in the accounting flow between subledger applications and Oracle General Ledger.

grant accounting

Grants Accounting will review the grant on a quarterly basis and provide financial updates or prepare estimates as needed. Moving funds from one budget FOAPAL to another is considered a Cost Transfer. A Journal Entry (XLSX) must be completed and a Cost Transfer Form (XLSX) may be required. Please download and review the Cost Transfer Policy (PDF) for more information. Remember that in most cases, federally funded projects require you to use US flag carriers for air travel. Some federal training grants categorize the costs of training the participants (trainees) in a category called “participant support.” This category may include stipends, travel, and other costs.


Grants Accounting integrates with Purchasing, Payables, and Projects to allow the entry of grants-related requisitions, purchase orders, and supplier invoices using those products. Interdepartmental charges for food, printing and duplicating, telephone, the use of University vehicles, postage and storeroom supplies are posted to the University Accounting and Budget System by the Budget Office. Copies of grant invoices are forwarded to the Accounting Office for verification prior to being posted. Grant Program Directors should review, sign, and forward the invoices to the Accounting Office noting any discrepancies to be resolved. The Grant Accounting Office (GAO) is a central administrative department within Finance and Operations that reports to the University Controller.

  • The University may obtain insurance through the Bureau of Risk Management only if it is required and funded by the granting agency.
  • These grants are treated as deferred income and allocated in proportion to depreciation on related assets.
  • Double-check your proposal for spelling and grammatical errors, and make sure it meets all formatting and submission requirements.
  • However, if the conditions of the grant are not met, the enterprise may have to return the grant.

Indirect costs are charged to each grant account on a monthly basis by applying the approved indirect cost rate to the expenditures incurred in the previous month. Indirect costs are recorded as a debit to the Indirect Cost account in the grant fund and as a credit to an appropriate unrestricted current fund revenue account code. Because accurate nonprofit accounting can help with reporting and auditing requirements, and ensure that the funds are being used in accordance with the grantor’s wishes.

Multiple Organization Support

Grants Accounting integrates with Oracle Grants Proposal to create awards and budgets from funded proposals. Award distributions allows users to determine transaction charging instructions for expenditure Navigating Law Firm Bookkeeping: Exploring Industry-Specific Insights items based on a predefined funding pattern for cost distribution. Grants Accounting provides award-based security to protect data ownership and sensitivity in relation to a given award.

Whether or not to return a grant if conditions are not met is up to the entity. PI’s submit narrative reports to a few other funders, Grant, Foundation and Corporate Relations (CFR) submits narrative and financial reports to foundations and other funders. If the equipment is included in the approved budget, you will need to complete a Purchase Order via Banner and obtain the appropriate approvals. Fill out a Grant Revision Request Form to request the budget changes and send it to Grant, Foundation and Corporate Relations for review.

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